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Quick & Easy Yellow Squash Recipe

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It’s summer…. in Arkansas…. soooo…. we have yellow squash running out of our ears! Pretty sure you’ll see more than one recipe from me using squash in the near future! *grin*

And of course, you know my favorite type of recipe is E… A… S… Y….. so here ya go…

5 Cups Of Yellow Squash

Grab some yellow squash and wash those babies well. Cut off the ends then chunk them up with a knife. You don’t want itty-bitty pieces or you’ll wind up with nasty mushiness. You’ll need about 5 cups.

Yellow Squash In The Pot With 1 Tsp Salt

Throw all the unfortunate little suckers into a big old pot and sprinkle with salt. They’re about to be joined by all their little friends! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Add 1 Sliced Medium Onion

Peel and wash a medium onion. Slice it up and throw it into the pot with the yellow squash. Yellow and white… sorta bland…. kinda nekkid lookin’ if you ask me. WE NEED COLOR!!!!

Add 5 Sliced Green Onions

Grab 5-6 green onions, wash ‘em up and chop them into the pot. <-- Kitchen shears are God's greatest invention for jobs like this... trust me! If you don't have a pair, ya gotta grab some! Seriously!

1 T. Of Parsley, 1/2 Cup Of Chicken Broth & 2 T. Of Butter

Douse it all down with a 1/2 cup of chicken broth. Dash in some dried parsley and dollop in 2 T. of butter. *pause* Ok…. there “may” be just a teensy bit more butter in that picture… just a teensy bit. Shut up dangitall! I’m from the South!

Throw the pan on the stove and cook on medium-high heat until the squash is tender. (About 15 minutes)

Yummy Summer Goodness!

Here’s another peek…. enjoy!

P.S. Be gentle with me… this was my first time! *pause* Posting a recipe, peoples! My first time for posting a recipe! Geez! Y’all have dirty minds! Anyway… my photography skills will get a LOT better as time goes by…. I hope.

*toddles off to cuss Photoshop again*

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    Delicious! A real winner with my family!

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