Get an Energy Boost with Aromatherapy Energizing Scents

It’s mid-afternoon and your energy is flagging. It’s too hot for coffee and you’re chained to your desk so you can’t take a short walk. The last thing you need to do is drift off just as the boss walks in. What to do? Try a little aromatherapy!

Energy Boost #1: Aromatherapy with Oranges

Orange Slice Against Green Background

Oranges Offer an Energizing Eye-Opener

Oranges aren’t only good for you nutritionally, their smell is a wonderful energizer. If you’ve had a long night and know that you’ll need an energy boost that day, pack an orange in your lunch. Save that rind to carry back to your desk so you can smell it often. Not only is this an energizing scent, but the smell of orange is antidepressive and calming. This means you’ll have the added benefit of having your mood uplifted.

Energy Boost #2: Aromatherapy with Peppermints


Peppermints Aren't Only for Christmas!

Love minty scents? Try using the smell of peppermint for an energy boost!

Start your day by lathering up with a peppermint-scented soap. The scent will not only perk you up, but the menthol smell will help to open your sinus passages.

If you need a pick-me-up later in the day, grab a piece of peppermint gum or peppermint candy. Before you pop it in your mouth, take several whiffs to breathe in the invigorating scent and feel more energized.

Energy Boost #3: Aromatherapy with Lemons

Lemon Against Red Background

Uplift Your Mood With Lemons

Ever notice how calm you feel when you walk into a room cleaned with a lemon-scented cleaner? Lemons have a very powerful scent that is used in aromatherapy for its calming effects. The smell of lemon has the power to refresh your mind by improving exhaustion, nervousness, concentration and mental fatigue.

Like lemon in your tea? Save the lemon slice or sprinkle a little lemon juice onto a cotton ball to carry back to your desk to smell throughout the afternoon. Be careful about where you lay it though… lemons have a natural bleaching effect and you don’t want to ruin a piece of clothing or furniture by leaving it laying around on the wrong item.

Energy Boost #4: Aromatherapy with Jasmine

Jasmine Tea with Teapot

Jasmine Stimulates the Brain

Jasmine has SUCH an intoxicating smell! It is a distinctively rich floral fragrance with a fruity-tea undertone.

Jasmine relaxes nerves, stimulates brain waves and enhances mental alertness. To enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of jasmine, simply enjoy a cup of jasmine tea or carry a small bottle of jasmine essential oil in your purse to open and smell whenever you need an energy boost.

Energy Boost #5: Aromatherapy with Grapefruit

Grapefruit Against Blue Background

Rejuvenate with Grapefruit

Oranges… lemons… now grapefruit…

Like other citrus scents, grapefruits are definitely rejuvenating. Scented body spray is a great way to experience the refreshing and energizing effects of grapefruit.

Bonus: According to Discovery Health, grapefruit can also help with some of the symptoms of PMS.

Need an Energy Boost? Search for Energizing Scents
with Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Our moods can be deeply tied to our sense of smell. If you need to improve your brain function or get an energy boost, keeping a few vials of aromatherapy essential oil on hand can help.

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