So what is a KayeCee?


Definition of a KayeCee

Main Entry: 1Kaye·Cee
Pronunciation: \ˈkā-sē\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): Kaye·Cee·d; Kaye·Cee·fied
Etymology: derives from Suth’uhn word hoochiemomma
Date: 1976

1 cross between a Paula Deen and a Martha Stewart : When I grow up, I want to be a KayeCee!

synonyms (chaos, unruly)

Kaye·Cee·d \ˈkā-sēd\ verb to streak butt nekkid through a crowd : The announcer dropped his microphone when a woman KayeCee’d across the court at halftime.

Kaye·Cee·fied \ˈkā-sē-fīd\ adjective stylishly beautiful : Those red-sequined stilettos are soooo KayeCee’fied!


Oh yeah… KayeCee, LLC was founded by Mary Kaye Spain in the summer of 2006. Since that date, it’s founder has been quietly taking over the interwebs one minion at a time.

*pause* Ok… maybe quietly isn’t such a great word choice there.

*scurries off*