{fun} Google… Let It Snow!

Google’s Latest Easter Egg: Let It Snow!

Google’s at it again! Their latest ‘Easter egg’ brings a gentle snowfall to a user’s search results!

As you may know, Google likes to entertain its minions by adding surprising little ‘Easter eggs’ for users to find.

To see Google’s latest search result feature, simply go to Google.com and do a search for, “let it snow” without the quote marks. (This may not work in Chrome.)

Your screen will return the results with a gentle snowfall. If you’ll leave the page alone for a few minutes, you’ll see your screen window begin to fog over. Use your mouse to “wipe away” the fog… or do like I do and start writing all over it… no nasty windows to clean later. LOL

Google Let It Snow Easter Egg

Google's Latest Easter Egg: Let It Snow

Don’t want to “wipe off” your entire screen with your mouse? Take a peek at the Search button… it becomes a handy, dandy “Defrost” button.

Want to see it in action… check out my video below… or, heck! Just go to Google and have fun playing with it yourself!

Yeah… yeah… yeah… I know… you just did the same thing I did and wasted 10 minutes playing around with it didn’t you? :)

*scurries off*

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